The Orange Labs Cyber Intelligence and Response Center is located on the Syracuse University campus and serves as ground-zero of CyberSquire's operations. Orange Labs is a unique partnership between academia and private industry, whereby our cyber professionals and cutting-edge technologies interface with world-renowned faculty members and students to best leverage and optimize shared assets, equipment, and infrastructure to meet our shared mission of defending and safeguarding client networks.  

Orange Labs also serves as a one-of-a-kind training ground for the future cyber workforce. Our students are from the Syracuse College of Engineering and Computer Science and the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. They undergo a rigorous academic cyber studies program and then further enhance their work-force readiness through hands-on experiential learning offered by Orange Labs.

With a deliberately designed agile architecture, Orange Labs is intended to evolve and flex with the interests, needs, and interests of students and industry across time. Orange Labs' core student objective is to deliver a ready-resource for student engagement, enabling academic programming to be put into real-world situations and challenges, thereby providing a highly valuable and visible experiential learning opportunity.

In addition to an unparalleled training experience for cyber students, Orange Labs is a cutting-edge technology incubator, merging private industry with academia to design, develop, and test transformative cyber technologies.

For partners, Orange Labs provides a platform for accessing and supporting students while providing a beta platform for new technologies and solutions.