We defend our client networks from our state-of-the-art Security Operations Center (SOC), which is staffed 24 hours a day/7 days a week by highly trained security professionals leveraging cutting-edge security processes and technologies.

CyberSquire has partnered with Juniper Networks to deliver Data protection by design and by default. Our security tools start with built in security at the network and then expands out across across external locations, including hosts connecting to the network and cloud connections. 

Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN)

Our SDSN solution is an advanced cybersecurity platform that simplifies operations while delivering adaptive enforcement and one-touch mitigation to protect your business from today’s advanced threats across any environment. These capabilities increase your security team’s efficiency, so you can concentrate your resources on business innovation.

Junipers SDSN gives our analysts and threathunters an advantage over our competitors allowing us to constantly monitoring threats hitting the perimeters of our clients' networks, hunting for adversaries on the network, and investigating and responding, in real-time, to known and newly evolving cyber threats. Moreover, unlike other managed security services, we have the capabilities to mitigate threats immediately. Our comprehensive managed security services include:

SDSN delivers:

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring 
  • Advanced Threat Detection 
  • Automated Policy Management and Enforcement 
  • Real Time Threat Mitigation
  • Vulnerability Management
  • Risk Analysis
  • Incident Ticketing and Response
  • Forensic Investigation
  • Cyber Intelligence Center
  • Real-Time Cyber Threat Intelligence

Next Generation Firewall Management

CyberSquire's security be design and by default managed security services starts with the installation and management of Juniper's next-generation firewalls. The reality is, security must start at the network perimeter and then be layered all the way to the center.

Sophisticated malware requires a new approach to network security. Protection must move from focusing on the perimeter of the network to a holistic strategy in which every network device becomes a point of enforcement.

That means your firewalls need to assume an expanded role. The modern firewall must perform as part of a comprehensive detection and enforcement system that mines data from the entire network for threat intelligence and detection.

CyberSquire leverages Juniper's SRX Series Services Gateways. These next-generation firewalls adapt as new threats emerge. They use information from our Sky Advanced Threat Prevention cloud-based service and third-party GeoIP feeds to block malicious activities as they enter or traverse the network.

The firewalls perform at speeds to 2 Tbps and offer six nines of reliability to ensure that your network stays secure, fast, and operational. SRX Series firewalls provide application visibility and control, IPS, and user-based application policies, plus unified threat management (UTM) to protect and control your business assets. They can also perform deep-packet inspection (DPI) and apply role-based access policies, giving you granular control.

Available in both physical and virtual form factors, SRX Series firewalls work with our integrated threat defense and intelligence portfolio to provide essential security services that guard against botnets, command and control servers, advanced persistent threats (APTs), and zero-day threats.

The physical form factor is a single-box solution ranging from all-in-one security and networking appliances to highly scalable, high-performance, chassis-based solutions. The firewalls can be centrally managed using Juniper Networks Security Director. You can easily add security services such as AppSecure, IPS, UTM, and Spotlight Secure Threat Intelligence feeds to existing SRX platforms for a cost-effective security solution.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP)

Sky ATP provides an extra layer of protection on top of antivirus and anti-spam tools, extending our defense of client networks beyond traditional security solutions by detecting never-before-seen malware attachments and stopping them before they hit their target.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) uses real-time information from the cloud to provide your business with anti-malware protection and defend against sophisticated cyber crimes such as advanced persistent threats and ransomware.

Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape is outpacing the efficacy of many security solutions. New malware campaigns are launched every day, with threats hiding in carefully crafted spear-phishing emails.

Whether your mail server is hosted on-premises or moved to Office 365 in the cloud, Juniper Sky ATP stops cyber attacks in their tracks.

Juniper Networks Security Director

In today’s complex and constantly changing threat environment, our clients need substantial visibility into network and threat behavior to maintain an effective security posture. The ability to quickly understand threats and their corresponding remediation empowers our security teams to keep our clients safe.

Junos Space Security Director enables our security team to conduct security policy management through an intuitive, centralized interface that offers enforcement across emerging and traditional risk vectors. Using intuitive dashboards and reporting features, we gain insight into threats, compromised devices, risky applications, and more.

In a volatile threat landscape, Security Director leverages a user intent policy framework that allows policies to dynamically adapt to changing threat conditions. With a metadata-driven policy engine, our team can pre-create policies for agile workloads across multicloud environments.

Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP)