Cyber Education and Training

CyberSquire offers a number of training solutions to help businesses develop core competencies within the cyber security realm.  Our experienced industry professionals understand full-well the difficulties that the public and private sector face when attempting to come up to speed on technology and specifically -- cyber security.

General cyber security

This model allows for a high level overview of cyber security and cyber hygiene.  As well as covering the legal liability that a business and its board of directors may face.  This is typically delivered directly to the BOD, or via train-the-trainer sessions with the C-Suite executives.

Cyber Security policy and Data Privacy

This training focuses on the bare-bones knowledge that legislators need when considering the implication of cyber security law and policy.  This training is regularly supplemented with an analysis of data privacy concerns and outlines some best practices.

The role of the legislative and regulatory bodies are discussed during this training and given the nature of the training, it is typically delivered in small groups or even one-on-one settings. Thus, the training is specifically targeted for the audience and their needs.

We also offer in-depth analysis of pending or proposed legislation so the legal and technology implications are fully analyzed and laid out for policymakers.

Law firm liability

This training is conducted by our staff attorneys that have backgrounds in both cyber security and data privacy.  This training covers the role of the lawyer and their responsibilities in order to maintain compliance with the Rules of Professional Responsibility and Ethics.  This training is the foundation for law firms that wish to mitigate risk and maintain compliance. 

This is typically delivered in phases.  The first phase consists of the foundation course and in subsequent phases, from training is tailored for the specific firm (e.g. M&A firms, IP/Patent Law, Defense, Administrative, etc.).