CyberSquire is a Managed Security Service for Small to Midsize Business and Enterprises.

CyberSquire is a managed security service provider (MSSP). Our mission is to provide our clients with robust cyber defenses that are easily deployed, scalable, and affordable. Our business model is premised on transparent and simple pricing models requiring no long-term commitments. Our service model is delivery of high-quality cyber security services by well-trained and highly-experienced cyber experts leveraging best-of-breed technologies encompassing machine learning, big data analytics, and automated breach detection and alerting.

SquireWire Virtual Appliances

SquireWire 1000/2000

SquireWire 1000/2000

Unlike most managed security services, we make deployment of our services simple. Our SquireWire virtual and physical technologies connect our client networks directly to our Security Operations Center (SOC). SquireWire can be deployed as an agent, container, or physical or virtual appliance on standard x86 architecture. SquireWire comes in the form of an RPM, DEB, OVA, QCOW2, VHD, AMI or containers that can be deployed on client servers or inside VMware, KVM, or even as a Docker. SquireWire deployment is simple; depending on client preference, we either ship our SquireWire physical appliance or remotely deploy our virtual appliances. It is as easy as plug and play. We do the rest.

CYBER SErvices

Our SquireWire technologies are the direct line into our State-of-the-Are Security Operation Center, which is staffed 24 hours a day/7 days a week by highly trained security professionals leveraging cutting-edge security processes and technologies. Our Cyber Security Services include over 40 threat detection methods including zero day file sandboxing, machine learning and automation/remediation capabilities.